Balaraba John


Boredom is not only a feeling; it is an experience.

It is a craving or desire for something you do not have now.


  • indifferent boredom: A person appears relaxed, calm and withdrawn. It comes after a long day and you have nothing on your schedule.
  • calibrating boredom: A person’s thought wanders and he desires to do something different from what he’s doing now but does not know how to go about it. The e person ends up not doing it at all. People that experience this kind of boredom usually perform repetitive tasks.
  • searching boredom: This boredom is associated with negative feelings, restlessness and creeping. People with this kind of boredom engage in doing things simply because they want to do something like singing, dancing, calling old time friends, chatting, browsing etc. They search for a way out and do all manner of things to fight off boredom.
  • reactant boredom: This boredom is said to be the worst experienced. People experiencing this kind of boredom are highly aroused, restless, aggressive and have negative emotions. They blame their tedium on parents, employees, friends, lecturers etc., and try to avoid or run away from them.
  • apathetic: This type is characterised by helplessness attributed to depression and lack of motivation and lots of aversion. This type of boredom is common in circumstances where there are few or limited options available to people.