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BALARABA JOHN Every day I see myself becoming more careful with my choice of words. I am not only careful with the words I speak but also write. I have learned the importance of words and their efficacy. Words can… Continue Reading →


BALARABA JOHN Pause a while and ponder over these: If you had an opportunity to meet someone for the first time that had the power to make your wish come true, how would you appear? What would you do?  Let’s… Continue Reading →

Boredom & Happiness : The Two Sides of a Coin (Part 1)

Balaraba John BOREDOM Boredom is not only a feeling; it is an experience. It is a craving or desire for something you do not have now. HOW TO KNOW WHEN YOU ARE BORED indifferent boredom: A person appears relaxed, calm… Continue Reading →

Relationship Seasoners

  Balaraba John Relationship is the bedrock of the society. It cuts across all spheres of life. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines relationship as the way in which two people, groups or countries behave towards each other. We all engage in one… Continue Reading →

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