Destroy Boredom, Create Your Happiness, is a book written with the aim of helping people destroy boredom or even turning same into an exciting and interesting event. It provides simple, practical and tested guidelines in a down-to-earth language. More so, happiness is not an achievement but a state of mind that can be adjusted or recreated through some conscious engagement of one’s emotional, physical and spiritual essence. The reader will benefit immensely from this book, as an exposé made of those essential nuggets he or she needs to know about happiness. Most importantly, what constitutes happiness, how to create and constantly bask in it, are discussed.

This book, without doubts, will be a great resource material to young and old alike, career people and self-employed, teachers and students, and people from all walks of life especially those faced with serious challenges of easily getting agitated, tired of people and situation, impatient, and those whose mood gets dented so fast and are prone to allowing situation and people rob them of their happiness.

In conclusion, contained in this book are principles of living a happy life that will culminate in making success of the reader in his or her endeavours. Efforts have been made by the author to present them in an engaging and simple-to-read form without compromising its fervency. The author hopes that readers will not only find renewed vigour to fight off boredom in their lives, or wisdom to create their happiness, but will also help others do the same. More so, like any other skill, these principles must be learned and practised daily to be mastered and for positive results to manifest. Like other human propositions, they are not finality, as further researches on this are on course and as such, the author accepts personal responsibility for any imperfections therein and welcomes suggestions and comments.

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